Ripples workshops are designed to be fun, challenging and interactive. There are elements of group learning and individual reflection.


All workshops include mini breakout sessions and skills practice activities. These activities relate directly to the learning while allowing the participants to practice in a safe learning environment. Participants will also be asked constantly to identify opportunities to implement the learning in their business and day to day operations.


All workshops will come with a workbook that includes a goals and actions sheet to be completed. Workshops will include video content, PowerPoint, skills practice activities and group discussions.

How it works?

Ripple provides expert consultation, support and advice every step of the way, from inception through delivery and evaluation. We can deliver expert facilitation services and training material when and where you need it.

Why it works

• Your customised training courses will be based on your objectives, business challenges and utilise your teams experience and ideas

• Every participant learns the same approach in a confidential, safe and fun environment

• Our consultation process helps clarify your goals and challenges

• Follow up evaluation closes the training circle

• In-house training is one of the most cost-effective options for your business

Our Offering?

If you are looking for something outside a customised in-house program we also offer tested and quality workshops that specialise in sales, recruitment fundamentals, time management and mini workshops on the art of networking, diversity, managing multi-generations and finding the sales hunger.